Concrete Chemicals

Concrete Chemicals is our core business.  We offer place and finish contractors the most sustainable and repeatable results in our industry.  Concrete Control and Concrete Hard Plus makes the job of a typical finishing contractor much easier.  No more cold joint worries or loosing the slab on a rain day.  Concrete Control creates a tremendous amount of thick, dense cream that will allow the finisher to relax and do a much better job of finishing the slab instead of rushing to achieve the results that are required before he/she loses the slab.   Our patented amorphous colloidal silica technology gives our contractors a major advantage over their competition.  Polished concrete, decorative concrete, all slab on grade and elevated slab placement as well as tilt-wall construction applications are at the nucleus of our business.  I strongly urge you to set up a live demonstration with our products so you can see for yourself what you are capable of providing your clients.  It's so simple when you see it first hand.  One of our local distributors will be more than happy to set this up for you.