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About Us​

Quality and Repeatability.

Nothing says sustainability like concrete that has been designed, placed, finished, polished and maintained correctly.  Our products are designed only for that reason.  We will not compromise quality to achieve productivity.  Our distributors sell the best concrete chemicals and diamond tooling on the planet.  We make sure that they can prove it.  We stand behind each and everyone of our distribution partners as well as every contractor who is using our products.  If innovation and labor savings is at the top of your list, let us know what you want and we have the solution when it comes to concrete.  ​

Our Founder: Mark Wetherell

Mark was a 30+ year veteran of our industry.  He created the Global Polishing Systems with the hopes of eventually creating a major impact in the industry.  His dream was to make the world of concrete a better place and he did just that.  While he lived for the moment he was planning for the future of GPS and his patents and innovations are being used on every continent on earth.  He was a great pioneer for the concrete industry.  He is greatly missed but his legacy will go on forever through the innovations that he had.  

Our President:  Lenny Sniegowski

Lenny became president of GPS on June 1, 2020, in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic and during an extremely challenging financial environment.  With his 13 years of industry experience he has created an extremely loyal following of facility managers and owners as well as contractors who trust his word on products as well as best practices.  He began his career at Superabrasive, Inc. a Bulgarian company that has a world headquarters in Hoschton, GA.  He learned much of his early knowledge about diamond powders, sorting, sifting and sintering there.  He has trained well over 3000 contractors, distributors and sales teams globally since 2008.   Lenny brings a strong sense of business  knowledge and is creating tremendous growth in the short time he has been here.  

Operations/Controller: Cora Lukens

Cora has been with GPS for over 10 years.  She brings a tremendous amount of detail oriented financial control to our business as well as invaluable experience.  Cora has been the glue that has kept the business running smoothly during all of the transitions in 2020.  We are proud to have Cora as a leader on our team.  

Warehouse/Logistics Manager: Joshua Veale

Joshua comes to us with extreme warehouse and logistics experience that he gained from his time at  Michael's and Target.   He is Forklift safety certified and incredibly focused on our customers needs. We are very proud to have Joshua on our team.

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