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Concrete Consulting Services

We solve concrete problems and challenges.  Facility managers and owners that use our products know that we offer the very best and most reliable concrete placement and polishing systems in the industry.   We are often times asked to oversee concrete projects that require more intensive supervision.  Projects that require:
  • Super Flat
  • Cream Only Finishes
  • Large Aggregate Exposure Slab on grade
  • Stain Resistant Finishes
  • Suspended Slab Pours
  • Decorative Concrete Pours
  • Large Format Polished Concrete (<10,000 sq ft)
  • Large Format Jointless Exterior Concrete Aprons
  • Large Format Jointless Interior Industrial Concrete Pours
If you prefer extreme attention to detail and results that you can rely on give us a call for a free consultation.   
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